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Sabtu, 04 Agustus 2012

Cliff Temple Jukut Paku, Ubud -bali

If you think that the excellence and attractiveness island lies only in the beauty and natural scenery, that's wrong! Why? Because the real Bali has other charms in the form of objects of archaeological heritage of high philosophical and historical value.

One of them was Spikes Jukut Cliff Temple located in Gianyar regency. Age-old temple is located just a steep slope and the abyss. This temple is an ancient relic stau are properly conserved and protected in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 11 in 2010 by the Office of Archaeological Heritage Pelestraian Bali. So that all stakeholders, especially local authorities already sewajibnya to protect the temple that became the pride of the community in Singakerta.

Because of the position at the right slope of the cliff to reach it visitors must be coming down the stairs which were about 68 pieces. In the center there is a sculpture resembling the shape of the temple. On the side there is a niche source of crystal clear spring that flows endlessly. The view from here is amazing as it might seem Kerisan river flow that moves all the way to the edges of green hills.

For its own facilities, there are stalls selling food and drinks and parking area. It looks much remains to be equipped with facilities such as resort, lodging and other travelers to increasingly attract the more excited anymore when it comes to this temple Jukut Paku. Hopefully, the future of this temple is increasingly gaining attention and a place among the travelers.


Cliff Temple is located in the village of Paku Jukut Singakerta, District of Ubud, Gianyar, Bali - Indonesia. if you wanna visit to it, you can rencar int www.rentalmobilbali.co.id

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Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012

Surfing in Bali at Pantai Bingin

Beaches in Bali is very famous for its beauty and many also can be used as a location for surfing. For foreign tourists who prefer the things that are challenging, going to the beach seemed less satisfied if not done olaharaga extreme water like diving, surfing, banana boat rides and more. So they prefer to go to the beach which provides a variety of equipment to perform any or all of these water sports.

Bingin beach is a new beach is widely known to tourists. Why? Probably due to the access road required to reach this beach is quite difficult, steep and winding. However, because the beauty and the beautiful coral stone, finally gradually even this much to talk about the beach and be free promotion for tourists to visit. So that the implications of more and more local and foreign tourists who are interested in coming to this Bingin Coast.

Because it is relatively rarely visited by many people make the atmosphere at the beach is pretty quiet and unspoiled place away from distractions because the hands of ignorant people. Many people who call these waves on the beach Bingin classic regional type which can reach 5-8 meters height. High waves will certainly be a challenge for the surfer. But that extra vigilance is still needed to remember this beach has lots of shallow coral reefs and type so that if not careful could have hurt the surfers.
 Surfing is one of the water sports that can be done here. Besides surfing there any others? You can also snorkel or swim because the beach is quite shallow foundation so that it can easily reach the depths. One thing you should notice is given the location of the storage place quite far away from the beach then you must be careful to save the vehicle and also you can ask for help from others to carry surfboards that feels heavy.

Bingin beach in the village of Pecatu, District of South Kuta, Badung regency, Bali, Indonesia. Located about 32 km from Denpasar.

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Selasa, 08 Mei 2012

Ubud Monkey Forest On of Best Spot In Bali

In the area of ​​Gianyar or just about 26 km from the capital city of Denpasar, there is a small forest frequented by tourists to just look cute and innocent behavior of hundreds of monkeys that meninggali small forest. The monkeys were quite tame and can be actively encouraged to play by the visitors who come to this tourist area. Besides inhabited by hundreds of monkeys, a small forest is also used as the village cemetery where pretty sacred place.

Hence there is no reason to not make this site a visit when you travel to Bali for quite complete. Here you can watch the monkeys are funny, witty at times a little naughty, too, can see the tombs of the ancestors Balinese temple building and its architecture will Balinya thick. And when the right time can be seen occasionally complete with a ceremony in the temple (temple) or cremation (cremation).

Wenara Wana is also often referred to as the Ubud Monkey Forest On of Best Spot In Bali. This location is a nature reserve and temple complex in which there are approximately 340 long-tailed macaques. Monkeys consisted of 32 male adults, 19 young males, 77 adult females, 122 juvenile, 54 cubs and monkeys. There also exist at least four groups of monkeys that occupy different locations in the park.
The number of visitors per month just fantastic because it can reach 10,000 people. The extent of Ubud Monkey Forest is estimated to 27 acres and contains at least 115 different tree species. In addition, there is also a temple called Pura Dalem Agung temple Padangtegal which also serve as a source of sanctity to the Balinese because often times used as a ceremonial and religious places.

Leading to Wenara Wana
It lies in between the village of Padang Tegal and Nyuh Yellow, Ubud district, Regency of Gianyar, precisely 26 km from Denpasar City. Opening hours from 08 o'clock in the morning until 18:00 at night. The entry price is quite affordable at $ 20,000 for domestic tourists and Rp 40,000 for foreign tourists.

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Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

Joger at Bedugul

Hunting Balinese souvenirs is equally important when traveling to the island that became the world tourist destinations. There are so many places that sell typical souvenirs of Bali, each of which offers a unique, strengths. Joger products have been recognized by many foreign tourists and overseas, and often become their prey because the concept is unique and different.

Along with the development Joger, first place in the Tuban Street then now they have a friend or points of sale located in Jalan Raya Bali - Bedugul. Joger friend has a building large enough, even wider than the place Jogernya own produce at Jalan Raya Kuta. Front section of a place to leave items that brought visitors as well as a bronze chamber design is very unique: because there is then a traffic light, bemo, Vespa and more.

Joger building also consists of two floors with the availability of ample parking area. First floor, look no trinkets lined Joger style, various T-shirts to choose from, a special room for the little people-meaning children, and also the flow of information centers. For the second floor, filled with assorted collection of sandals with the size and design of various kinds. On the wall leading to the second floor, you will find there is a large collection of variants and color sandals with a very heterogeneous.

So far, the products Joger is famous eccentric with strange words, unique and funny. You can choose T / T-shirts, slippers, mugs, bags and others to serve as souvenirs for your beloved family. Friends Joger this loch operate up to 24 hours in each day. Woo exciting!

Joger berada di Jalan Raya Denpasar Km 37,5, Bedugul, Bali –Indonesia.
Jam buka: jam 10.00 – 18.00
Oleh-oleh: T-Shirt, Mug dan pernak-pernik Joger

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Oleh oleh khas bali | kacang rahayu

it is undeniable that many people prefer a variety of processed nuts. These nuts are by some people can cause acne if consumed frequently. So many women are trying to avoid to many foods to eat peanuts or processed using materials sourced from the beans. However, many also think that all this depends on the way of processing.

Regardless of whether peanut can cause acne or not, and often a problem for many women, you certainly will not be dismissed if given a package that is nuts Rahayu typical souvenirs of Bali are very popular and often the prey of the tourists. Rahayu beans have been around a long time and still survive until now, which indicates that there are still many consumers who want it.

What are the advantages of this Rahayu Nuts? Peanut products are popular among tourists is famous because it has a savory flavor, crunchy and salty. These beans are packaged (package) in a box wrapped in plastic inside. This is done simply to maintain the quality of taste and kerenyahannya to stay up when you open it. Packaging itself is made ​​with peanuts without the skin condition.

Rahayu beans packaged in a variety of severe, ranging from 50 grams to 800 grams. It is of course an impact on the price is too varied to suit the weight. For the smallest package valued at Rp 7,000 and the most amount of Rp 100,000. That deserves attention is to get the nuts Rahayu original then make sure when buying from actually store or kiosk that was the original seller of this Rahayu nuts.


By-by Bali Nuts Rahayu can be found at Jalan Central Gatsu No 59C, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.
Tel: 0361-410682

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Kamis, 03 Mei 2012

Circus Waterpark Tuban

the beauty of Bali, playgrounds, exoticism and charm that can attract millions of tourists to visit. In addition to the awesome nature, Bali also has a facility that had been made by men for the complete range of fine kewisataan that are here. Circus Waterpark is a water park that is worth your while to visit Bali. The distance from the city center, about 13 km from Denpasar to make access to this place can be easily achieved.

What's Circus Waterpark? Circus rides Waterpark is a frequent destination for many people other than beaches, caves, mountains, and the other in Bali. Rides that are here divided into two rides for the kids and rides for adults. Some of the games that can be enjoyed by children as Falldown Basketball, Mini Tube Slider, Mini Speed ​​Slider, Kiddezt Phinicy Game and will be very spoiled children who are still the dominant instinct of play.

Whereas for adults are also available Tube rides like Speed, Speed ​​Slider, Spiral and Wave Speed ​​Slider. Here also you will be interested in full color and lazy river, the pond that surrounds the game on a vehicle with a depth of about 70 cm. Waterpark Circus was first opened in June 2011 with an area totaling 2 acres and is managed by a professional team so that the quality of service and responsiveness is no longer in doubt.

Foreign tourists who come here often dominated by immigrants from Japan, France, Australia and India. And most loved vehicle that spilled the bucket is big bucket full of water and after water is fully charged then it will automatically flush the spill and the visitors are there underneath. It was really fun, especially for children. Existing facilities in place include: mosques, gift shop, locker room, clinic room, toilet, food court, gazebo, a ballroom with a capacity of 500 people who were on the 2nd floor as well as adequate parking lot.

Circus Waterpark berada di Jalan Kediri, Tuban, Kuta, Bali –Indonesia.
Jam buka: jam 09.00 – 18.00

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Bali Cliff: Surfing the Enchanting Place

If you've just familiar and only visit tourist attractions such as Sanur, Kuta and others during the visit Bali, it would be nice to find another tourist atmosphere. One of the places that are not less interesting and beautiful, but not much is known of the tourists is Bali Cliff. What is Bali Cliff? 

Bali Cliff has three names as well as the Bali Cliff himself, Green Bowl and Hidden Beach. All three have their own reasons. Bali Cliff called because formerly existed and popularly known as Bali Cliff hotel and to facilitate the call and given the name of this resort dining dinamailah Bali Cliff. Then referred to as a Green Bowl on the grounds that if we look at this beach area from the air it will look its shape which resembles a bowl of water. Bali Cliff is also called the Hidden Beach because his life was a cliff behind the beach so it's pretty hard to find. 

Green Bowl or the Bali Cliff offers a view that is amazing. Can be seen the white sand that stretches, then a bluish color of the sea and the steep rock walls and a tough bit of beauty that can be mentioned. For those of you who are very fond of surfing, the Bali Cliff is an appropriate area for testing the courage and adrenaline. Many tourists also visit one of the reasons for wanting to try out surfing spots that are here. 

Types of waves is a regional classic that has a normal wavelength and the height is quite challenging. Basic beach consist of rocks that Behati not care if it will hurt the feet or other body parts. For the record, because the location is quite remote so you who are interested to visit Bali Cliff is expected to bring their own food supplies because there are many food vendors that are here and open in the daytime only.

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Kamis, 29 Maret 2012

Izusu Elf

Isuzu ELF  
Isuzu Elf
Rp 650.000
12 Penumpang

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Susuki Mpv

Suzuki APV - MPV World Class
Suzuki APV
Rp 230.000
8 Penumpang

 Sewa mobil murah di Bali, Penginapan hotel di Bali adalah beberapa layanan yang bisa Anda dapatkan disini. Liburan di Bali tidaklah lengkap tanpa mengunjungi berbagai obyek wisata Bali yang sangat terkenal seperti indahnya Pantai Kuta, Pantai Dreamland, Kintamani, Uluwatu, dan lain-lain.

Jasa rental sewa mobil Bali bersamaTrip To Bali di Kuta dan Denpasar bagi Anda selama di Bali (setir sendiri atau memakai driver) adalah pilihan yang tepat. Juga tersedia untuk sewa motor otomatis di Bali.

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